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Sourcing Our Vintage Travel Collection

After "remember these?" the expression we hear most is "where did you find all of this?" We love the curiosity, especially when it's a larger collection! So, we thought it would be fun to share how we put together our vintage travel collection. It's such a mix of sources which definitely makes it more fun.

Vintage travel collection displayed at Sea City Vintage in Atlantic Beach Long Island New York

Visit the collection in-person at Sea City Vintage, 2001 Park Street in Atlantic Beach on Long Island, New York.

Our top three sources for this collection

  1. Our regular thrift: The father and son team who run our favorite local thrift shop are the best and had a box of hundreds of decks of cards. We picked out all the airline ones which are now a large part of the collection. Vintage decks of cards are a hit because they're small but thoughtful. So many people have amazing travel memories associated with air travel.

  2. Lifelong Pan Am employee's estate: A good bit of our Pan Am memorabilia, ephemera and collectables came from the estate sale of a gentleman who worked for Pan American (Pan Am) airlines for 40 years. He was definitely a proud employee with our collection being only a small bit of what was at the sale.

  3. Reseller friend from Instagram: Huge shoutout to Big Adventure Goods who came through with most of the luggage pieces and travel duffels in our collection. It's amazing when Instagram / internet friendships become IRL business associates and friends.

Of course, we also found a piece here and a piece there for the collection. It was so much fun to put together, and we are so excited to share the final result with you. Shop on Etsy anytime or in-store Tuesday to Sunday 8am-4pm.

Where are your favorite places to hunt for vintage? We find that having a focus, like vintage travel, makes it easier when at an estate sale or thrift store.


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