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Vintage Atlantic Beach: The Surf Hotel and Cabana Club

Between the New Nautilus and Sunny Atlantic Beach Club, in what is now a vacant seasonal parking lot, used to stand The Surf Hotel and Cabana Club. There isn't a lot online about this hotel but from the placemat shared in the gallery below, it looks to have had an awesome rooftop sign and midcentury design.

Residents in the local Atlantic Beach Facebook group recently discussed the hotel and club:

"The pool was great with the slide. The club was 3 stories. Great concession stand and cabanas. The boards were all painted green." -

Maureen H.

"My friends and I would sneak into their pool." - Carl B.

Atlantic Beach's code was updated in 1972 to no longer allow overnight sleeping in or occupancy of cabanas, changing the dynamics of the beach clubs and their accompanying accommodations.



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