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Inspiration: Coastal Cottage Aesthetic

Coastal cottage evokes the serenity of seaside living, inviting a sense of tranquility, relaxation (and a little kitsch) into our homes. With its softer color palettes and delicate feminine touches, this design trend offers a charming retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Coastal Cottage Aesthetic Collage of Pictures for Inspiration

At the heart of coastal cottage design is a palette of soft, soothing hues inspired by the natural beauty of the coast. Think gentle shades of blue and green reminiscent of the ocean, paired with soft whites and sandy neutrals that mimic the colors of sun-bleached driftwood. These colors create a calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

One of the hallmarks of coastal cottage design is the incorporation of feminine touches that add warmth and charm to any space. Delicate floral patterns, ruffled fabrics, and vintage-inspired accents infuse rooms with a sense of nostalgia and romance. These elements soften the look of the space, creating an inviting and cozy environment.

Adding coastal cottage to your home

White wicker home accents are a staple of coastal cottage design, adding texture and depth to the space while maintaining a light and airy feel. Whether it's a chair on the porch or accents in the bathroom, these pieces bring a relaxed, casual vibe to the home.

No coastal cottage would be complete without a nod to the creatures of the sea. Vintage mermaids, seahorses, and fish add whimsy and character to shelves and walls, evoking the magic of life by the ocean. These charming accents bring a sense of joy and playfulness to the space, reminding us to embrace the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Gifts for the coastal cottage lover

When it comes to gifting for someone who loves coastal cottage or lives near the ocean, there are plenty of options to choose from. Brass seashell bookends, for example, are a perfect touch of whimsy to decorate a bookshelf or mantel. A candle in a vintage ceramic shell brings a hint of coastal fragrance to any room. These adorable ceramic seashell place card holders add a charming touch to a table setting, perfect for the hostess who loves to entertain.

For those who love to travel, vintage travel t-shirts in depicting seaside destinations are both cute and thoughtful. Framed vintage postcards or travel artwork are also great gift ideas.

Why decorate in coastal cottage?

Coastal Cottage design offers a serene and enchanting escape from the stresses of modern life. With its softer color palettes, feminine touches, and charming coastal-inspired accents, it creates a welcoming sanctuary where one can relax, unwind, and reconnect with the beauty of the world around them. So why not bring a little piece of the coast into your home and let the soothing vibes of Coastal Cottage living wash over you?


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